In this episode, Ben and Anna tell us all about their business, The BenAnna Band. We also discuss being authentically human, collaborating creatively and professionally, and the infinite potential of our creative ideas.

The BenAnna Band is a high-energy musical duo utilizing singing, guitar, and percussion to jam out on new children’s music, with a focus on crafting  unique and interactive experiences for kids of all ages and abilities! There are opportunities galore for dancing, singing, and playing along during any given BenAnna concert or class, and these moments of play and interaction are not only encouraged; they guide the experience! Both Ben, an early childhood music specialist from Vermont, and Anna, a board certified music therapist from Long Island, work with neurotypical students and students with special needs with a wide range of diagnoses throughout the lifespan, so inclusivity and thoughtful interplay within the music are always at the forefront of their performances. Their years of experience working with students with special needs have informed nearly every aspect of their act, and their songs are often geared toward achieving non-musical, developmental goals while having as much fun as humanly possible! You can learn more about the BenAnna Band on their website (, or find them on social media (Instagram: @BenAnna Band, Facebook and Youtube: The BenAnna Band). 

Fine BenAnna online, on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Who’s Behind The Mask? – the BenAnna Band

Matters of the Heart

Sleeping Bunnies

Kwanzaa Celebration

Camp Downer, VT

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